Playing at TeddyKidz

At TeddyKidz we understand the saying that study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hence playing is a very important part of life. Therefore we encourage our kids to play and learn to play . Enjoy all the playing facilities of TeddyKidz school. Thus TeddyKidz encourages its children to learn while playing and play while learning. This is de-facto moto at TeddyKidz . You can say we are the specialist in Play school arena.


Sack Jumping Game

At TeddyKidz we understand that throwing challenges to children while playing - enables them to think and play using their mind and body co-ordination. This helps them to enjoy the game as well develop their motor skills of the brain and body. We therefore coach our children to be courageous and brave while facing the challenges of the game. This is very important in real life as well. Because great achievements are achieved through courage and determination.


Jumping over the Back

Jumping over the back is sometimes makes the children a little bit afraid in over coming the challenges of the game. At TeddyKidz we understand to push the children over these kind of challenges so as to make them confident in the game of life. These kind of challenges seem a dauting task at first sight. But when a child over comes this kind of challenge , then he learns to enjoy the challenges of the game.


Hula Hooping at TeddyKidz

Hula hooping is one of the most effective cardio workout routine , taking this into account we encourage our children to perform this dance at TeddyKidz. As it strengthens the abdominal muscle. Makes the children more flexible towards bending activities and prevents them from experiencing back pains when performing bending activities. Hula hooping is an incredible workout proposition, and it will help your children to stay in fit and healthy and not tire from this form of exercise.


Sliding at TeddyKidz

At TeddyKidz children run for the swings, slide, and climber. We can see right away that not only are they having fun, they are also using their bodies in healthy ways. In fact, they are physically rejuvenating themselves. As they use their muscles actively and breathe deeply while playing, they bring added oxygen to their muscles. All the while, their bodies produce various endorphins that have positive effects on mood and activity level. However, we don't see all the physical development-We just see them playing. Self-Directed Play at TeddyKidz is that the wonderful thing about vigorous play on climbers (the type with a variety of climbing options as well as a few slides) is that you just let it happen.


Trampoline at TeddyKidz

A ten minute bounce at TeddyKidz trampoline is the same as a half hour run. Bouncing on Trampoline Stimulates the childs metabolism. Increases oxygen capacity.Improves your sense of balance.Increases oxygen circulation to tissues.Strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health). Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands. Most of all though it makes your child smile, laugh and is great FUN to your child. This has proven health benefits in itself as it generally means that your child keeps doing it if it is enjoying it.