• Bring your child to the world of Abacus thru TeddyKidz. Abacus develop your child IQ,concentration and efficient Calculation

  • TeddyKidz is one of the Best pre-school playgroup providing education, care and socialisation.

  • TeddyKidz offers ToastMasters session, for good communication, public speaking and speech giving skills.

  • ToastMasters Session, for speech giving sessions and training for full body movement for better expression and receiving response from the audience.

  • TeddyKidz offers a fun filled learning approach based on practical activities.

  • TeddyKidz gives a powerful boost to your child on a journey of life long learning.

  • At TeddyKidz children Listen to stories read by the teacher

  • Our Kids are Enjoying learning activities through play

  • Learning to play and playing to learn is our moto at TeddyKidz

  • At TeddyKidz children learn solving problems through play and communication

  • At TeddyKidz children learn to get along with other children and the teacher .

  • We provide a secure and warm attachment for their learning

  • TeddyKidz offers a fun filled learning approach based on practical activities

  • At TeddyKidz children learn solving problems through play and communication

  • At TeddyKidz children are Making friends through play

  • Children learn by playing in places where they feel safe, respected, and loved.

  • At TeddyKidz we coach children for self-regulation and self-discipline

  • Self-regulation goes a long way in making the child a better person.

  • Thru self-regulation one learns to use information to plan, solve problems, and complete tasks.


Journey to Lifelong Learning

Through play, children learn many skills, such as how to interact with other people, and different ways of thinking, long before they start school.
These skills help children do well in school and in life. When children feel good about learning and are eager, curious, and confident when starting school, they are more likely to:

  1. Do well in school
  2. Finish school
  3. Continue on a journey of lifelong learning.


Fun Filled Learning

At TeddyKidz children learn by exploring the world through play with the active presence of teachers.
And having teachers guide their learning through play activities that suit the childs age and level of development.


Learning via Secure attachment

Attachment is a powerful, emotional relationship that develops between children and the important people in their lives. Parents can do many things to help their child develop a secure attachment. Two key ingredients are

  1. Parents protect children during times of stress and danger.
  2. Parents encourage children to explore the world around them when it is safe.
A secure attachment helps your child to grow and develop in a healthy way.

About Us

Currently we are only based at Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh . We shall open more franchisee centres in the coming times. We are an upcoming playgroup that offers world class facilities for the child care and development in the early childhood care and education. We make sure that the child learns in secure attached environment , where the child feels comfortable to learn and understand the subject being taught.

At TeddyKidz we understand that play is any activity engaged in for enjoyment without any consideration of the end result. For generations, it is believed that while play is fun, it is also a waste of time that could be spent more profitably on doing something useful. Since young children were incapable of doing anything useful, they were allowed to play. However, when they were old enough to go to school, they were expected to learn to do things that would prepare them for life. Play consists were kept strictly for the end of the day and for holidays. Now, the attitude towards play is shifted, as scientist studies have shown the importance of play and how play way methods can help childs development.

Why Us


TeddyKidz is one of the few playwaygroups in providing professional and structured preschool education, as well as serious in providing quality primary education till Fifth Class.


Learning to play and playing to learn is our moto at TeddyKidz. Our vision is to foster a society of individuals capable of progressive thinking, creating and initiating positive change in the social, economic and cultural fabric to impact the global community .


The smile that we put on the faces of happy and content parents stands testament to our commitment in providing a quality-oriented preschool education curriculum that is actually making a difference. Our endeavour and commitment is in bringing out the best of talent.


We are the No.1 Playgroup school in the country.